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Important Parts of Interior Designing

Residential and Commercial Interior Designer in Vizag

While Interior designing, we have to think about basic factors before starting the Interior work. Here, we have shared the important parts of interior designing.

1) Use of Effective Open Space

2) Lintel Level and Cill Level

3) Size of the Windows and Doors

4) Balance of Vertical and Horizontal Lines

5) Use of Diagonal Shapes

6) Curved lines and forms

7) Square, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse,Triangle Shapes

8) Colors Specification

9) Texture

10) Finishing Surface

11) Material Durability

12) Skilled Expert Labors

13) Uniformity and Harmony

14) Balance of Items Like Symmetrical, Unsymmetrical and Radial

15) Focal Points

16) Rhythm of Items

17) Repetition of Items

18) Color Combination

19) Progression

20) Contrast

21) Brightness

22) Scale

23) Proportion.

Why interior design is so important?

The Importance of an Interior Designer. One cannot stress the importance of an interior designer enough. While architects will design a structure as a whole, various consultants may be brought into the process. … We recommend involving interior designers in most of our projects. Whether you’re redecorating one room or hiring a professional designer to revamp your entire living space, it helps you to understand the basics of interior design and what they encompass. A design is an orderly arrangement of five basic elements: … Mass, the bulk of an object that occupies space.

Texture in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. Take a cushion for example. Whether the cushion material is smooth, silky, woven or embroidered, it’s got a texture. This is an important part of the interior design puzzle, because it helps dictate how a room feels on first glance. In the visual arts, texture is the perceived surface quality of a work of art. It is an element of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs and is distinguished by its perceived visual and physical properties. Use of texture, along with other elements of design, can convey a variety of messages and emotions.